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During this time of massive change and uncertainty, I am deeply grateful for the role that creative expression has played in finding and keeping my center during this swirling time. Wishing you and those you love health and happiness as we all look to the horizon and strive to imagine when things will be normal and what that normal will be.

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

What a smashing success!

I have lived in McKinney for 12 years and I chose McKinney specifically for its strong art community. Long before I declared my own artist's heartbeat to the world, I was an enthusiastic viewer of McKinney's annual Art Studio Tour - MAST. Touring the spaces where artists create their work always had a spark of magic. Getting to peek behind the curtain and see these spaces seeped in inspiration was euphoria-inducing for me. So this year was a dream come true - my own home studio was be featured on the tour. It was thrilling to show more about my processes with both encaustic and pottery - especially to provide encaustic demonstrations to visitors wholly unfamiliar with the medium. I am deeply grateful for those who came out to this uniquely wonderful event, as well as the outpouring of support as I achieved a long-time goal.

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Click the red button below to read an article about me and my work in Voyage Dallas!​

What a thrill to see my work reach a larger audience in the Dallas area!

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