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McKinney Art Studio Tour (MAST)

I have been honored by the opportunity to feature my home studio on the McKinney Art Studio Tour since 2019.  Here's more information about MAST.

Beth Fields Fine Art in the News  

Excited and grateful to be featured by ShoutoutDFW in an article titled "Rolling the Dice: Conversations on Risk" - I appreciated the opportunity to share the role that risk has played in transforming my life with art.

Here's the article about me and my work in Voyage Dallas that started it all! 

Beth Fields Fine Art at
Mila Delfin Jewelry and Gifts

Mila Delfin Section


You'll find my work available for sale in this bright corner shop in Historic Downtown McKinney. 



Mila Delfin Jewelry

118 E. Louisiana St.

McKinney, TX 75069 

Our show at The Cove was an exciting opportunity for collaboration with the incomparable Andrea Holmes.  “Another Time and Place” captured our fascination with the stories vintage items can tell us and the ways that pieces of history mesh with our present reality to reveal unexpected beauty.  We share an obsession with old stuff that is woven into all aspects of our work.  Arranging our pieces together in vignettes allowed the individual stories to join together in a visual chorus.  Our pieces “talked” to each other, ready to reveal whispers of the past repurposed.


Welcome to this exploration of “Another Time and Place” - where the images and architectural elements serve as an invitation to connect with the layers of story that we all carry with us.

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