McKinney Art Studio Tour


What a smashing success!

I have lived in McKinney for 12 years and I chose McKinney specifically for its strong art community.  Long before I declared my own artist's heartbeat to the world, I was an enthusiastic viewer of McKinney's annual Art Studio Tour - MAST.  Touring the spaces where artists create their work always had a spark of magic.  Getting to peek behind the curtain and see these spaces seeped in inspiration was euphoria-inducing for me.  So this year was a dream come true - my own home studio was be featured on the tour.  It was thrilling to show more about my processes with both encaustic and pottery - especially to provide encaustic demonstrations to visitors wholly unfamiliar with the medium.  I am deeply grateful for those who came out to this uniquely wonderful event, as well as the outpouring of support as I achieved a long-time goal.

Beth Fields Fine Art in Voyage Dallas 

Click the red button below to read an article about me and my work in Voyage Dallas ! 

What a thrill to see my work reach a larger audience in the Dallas area!

Beth Fields Fine Art at

Mila Delfin Jewelry and  Gifts

You'll find my work available for sale in this bright corner shop in Historic Downtown McKinney. 


Be sure to venture upstairs to see this impressive assortment of local artist's paintings and pottery. 


Mila Delfin Jewelry

118 E. Louisiana St.

McKinney, TX 75069 

Note that my pottery is currently out of stock from a busy fall.

My architecturally inspired pottery pieces should be returning to this charming shop on the square in Historic Downtown McKinney in the spring.


207 N. Tennessee St.

McKinney, TX 75069

Arts in Bloom 

This vibrant annual event was sadly canceled this year in the interest of public safety. 


I can't wait to welcome art lovers back to Downtown McKinney for a future event.

Our show at The Cove was an exciting opportunity for collaboration with the incomparable Andrea Holmes.  “Another Time and Place” captured our fascination with the stories vintage items can tell us and the ways that pieces of history mesh with our present reality to reveal unexpected beauty.  We share an obsession with old stuff that is woven into all aspects of our work.  Arranging our pieces together in vignettes allowed the individual stories to join together in a visual chorus.  Our pieces “talked” to each other, ready to reveal whispers of the past repurposed.


Welcome to this exploration of “Another Time and Place” - where the images and architectural elements serve as an invitation to connect with the layers of story that we all carry with us.

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