Exploring the common properties of shaping, firing, and glazing clay along with creating collage works with encaustic medium has inspired Beth Fields to create a wide range of creative works.  She draws on her love for color, pattern, and old things of all kinds to craft individual pieces that carry an echo of another time and place.

Beth Fields has followed a wandering path before finding her heart home in McKinney, TX.  After growing up in the North Dallas suburbs, Beth received a BA from Eugene Lang College in NYC, NY and a MEd from Boston College, which gave her the chance to walk around and admire the buildings of New York and New England for seven years.  Two years of living in London gave an even wider variety of buildings to marvel at across the UK and Europe.   She is delighted to live now in the beautiful McKinney Historic District, though she misses having the chance to ride trains on a regular basis.  She is deeply grateful for and inspired by the communities of Mrs. Potts' Place Pottery Studio in Celina, TX and the Encaustic Center in Richardson, TX.

When not creating art, she is dedicated to her yoga practice and Jazzercise obsession.  She is a voracious traveler who takes pictures of doorknobs wherever she goes.  

About Beth Fields

Current Work
& Past History
  • Practicing potter at McKinney Art Studio, McKinney / Mrs. Potts' Place, Celina, TX: October 2016 - Present

  • Practicing collage artist and painter at The Encaustic Center, Richardson, TX: September 2016 - Present

  • Exhibiting Artist at Mila Delfin Jewelry, McKinney, TX: April 2019 - Present

  • Participating Vendor in Millhouse Art Fest and Makers Market:

    • February 2020​

    • October 2020

  • Participating artist in MAST (McKinney Art Studio Tour):

    • November 2019

    • November 2020

  • Arts in Bloom, McKinney, TX:

    • Participating Artist in Local Artists area: April 2018

    • Participating Vendor:

      • April 2019

      • April 2021

  • McKinney Creatives Holiday Art Bazaar at TUPPS Brewery, McKinney, TX:

    • December 2017

    • December 2018

    • December 2019

    • December 2020

  • Winner, 2nd Prize Ribbon in Encaustic Painting - State Fair of Texas - Fall 2019

  • Participating Vendor in Arts Goggle, Ft. Worth, TX: October 2019

  • "Color is Calling" - Solo Show at Duino Coffee, McKinney, TX: May - June 2019

  • Exhibiting artist at Bay Willow Design, McKinney, TX: June 2018 - May 2019

  • Exhibiting artist:

    • Art in the Atrium 15, Frisco, TX: October 2017 - March 2018

    • Art in the Atrium 16, Frisco, TX: April 2018 - September 2018

    • Art in the Atrium 17, Frisco, TX: September 2018 - March 2019

    • Art in the Atrium 18, Frisco, TX: March 2019 - September 2019

    • Art in the Atrium 19, Frisco, TX: September 2019 - March 2020

  • Exhibiting artist in "Winter Art Show" at the Frisco Art Gallery, Frisco, TX: December 2018 - January 2019

  • Exhibiting artist in "Tiny Art" show at The Cove Art Gallery, McKinney, TX; June 2018

  • Exhibiting artist in Unique by Nature juried art show at the McKinney Performing Arts Center:

    • April 2018 

    • April 2019

  • "Another Time and Place" - Joint Show with Andrea Holmes at The Cove Art Gallery, McKinney, TX: February 2018

  • Exhibiting artist at Orison's Gallery, McKinney, TX: July 2017 - October 2017

  • Member of South County Art Association, South Kingston, RI: 2000 - 2004 

  • Studied pottery at Parsons School of Design, NYC, NY:
    September 1996 - December 1996

Artist Colleagues &
Sources of Inspiration

​Check out these websites of other artists whose work I admire greatly and other inspirational spaces dedicated to art and creative expression:​