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My art journey has been one of the most remarkable branches of my life path. 

Learn more about my story...

Blue House Haven

Head to my gallery to see more of my latest works:

Paintings: Encaustic and Acrylic


Pottery Pieces

Artfully Remade Journals


My Fairy Art Mother

Andrea Holmes and I have founded My Fairy Art Mother, a source for tips and advice for all those creatively inclined. We look forward to publishing our book on art mentorship and the power of the individual artist’s journey and welcome the opportunity to serve as Fairy Art Mothers to those needing a boost of support on their own creative path. 

I am obsessed with old buildings and objects that tell a story from
the past.  

Check out the photos I've taken in my travels as well as around my beloved historic downtown McKinney.


If you have treasured photos or other ephemera that you would like captured in a custom art piece, I would love to work with you!


Contact me and we can collaborate to use copies of tangible memories to represent valuable connections in new ways.

I have remained committed to my own learning as a part of what feels like a Great Awakening in our country right now with regards to social justice and anti-racism work.  For those of you interested in anti-racism resources, I've gathered together some of the voices that move and inspire me.

Audre Lorde
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